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47 Epic Avatars
47 Epic Avatars. Free to download for Forums and Blogs.
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Free Ecards World
Send unique free ecards for birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas or for some other events or occasions to your friends and family.
11 643 Top Ecards
Free Ecards Magazine
Free ecards site guide and directory. Read reviews of the best greeting card services on the web and find appropriate free ecard for any event and occasion.
9 502 Top Ecards
Virtual Gravy Greetings
Free internet greeting cards for many occasions Like Love , Friendship, Birthday,Holidays including Christmas Tree ,Puppy Xmas ,Merry Christmas,Seasons Greetings. Send a card they will really love!
8 449 Top Ecards
eCard - Deluxe
Pictures say more as 1000 words. Feel free to browse our selection of eCards by using the category links below. Note that registration is required to send eCards from certain categories. To register is free and only takes a few moments ...
7 511 Fine Art E cards
Fantasy love ecards
Romantic fantasy e-cards. Free Ecards of Elves in love...And other categories! Customize your card and send it free!
6 502 Love Fun
ECard sites review
ECard sites guide and directory. Read reviews of the most popular eCard sites and find about any extra services or features they may have.
6 398 Top Ecards
All types of online greeting cards in one place. Creative and artistic work that will make you astonished. You will find every card a master piece. Sending and sharing is as easy as 123.
5 10 Fine Art E cards
Romantic Greetings
Make hot online greetings for your mate, sweet-heart, honey, darling. ICQ greetings websites. Gorgeous flowing e-cards Sizzling Kisses, Love Letters, cute & cuddly Hugs and more.
5 572 Love Fun
Top greetingscards
The best free sensual greetings on the web voted by visitors. Your easy starting point for the postcard you desire. Uplifting, inspirational, thoughts, applets, funny forwards, chain letters, love letter. come visit & enjoy.
5 512 Sentimental Ecards
Inspirational ecards
The World's best top Inspirational egreetings
5 519 Sentimental Ecards
Hot Friendship e-greetings
The best free friendship electronic postcards on the Internet. Send animated hugs, apologies, thinking of you, tender and breezy. Cute baby pictures, cute dancing pages, and lotz of different style of ecards.
5 550 Friend Greeting
Ecards for Fun and Humor
Send funny humor ecards to your mate. Best for Friendship/ girlfriend/ boyfriend/ lovers.
5 473 Funny Greeting
Cute Love Ecards
Awesome collection of Love egreetings and postcards.
5 457 Love Fun
Birthday and Holiday Egreetings
Your one stop place for Birthday and holiday greetings.
5 585 Happy Birthday Ecards
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